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Like Cat and Dog

What happens when you get angry? Who’s right and who's wrong? Is it the dog or the cat?  The crocodile or the bird?


Like cat and dog” will not answer any of  these questions, but will fill them with smiles and emotions.

A show fit for human animals of all ages and cultures.

Unfit for insensitive beasts.


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TeatreAnimal was born with LIKE CAT and DOG. Animal because we are animals, because we work like animals. So all components of Teatreanimal, both real and those of the  show have one thing in common: we are genuinely animals.


TeatreAnimal interaction is performance art, having the need to investigate the breaking of the fourth wall to understand theatre as something fresh and alive. In this research there are 3 creators having fun with plastic and ephemeral art-Scenic Improvisation: Kilomba, Judith and Lluís




An actor and clown with endless desire to break theatrical conventions.


He relies on the direct contact with his audience, humour and the combination of artistic disciplines, and these are all featured in his various creations: “Invisible”, “Kamchàtka”, “Habitaculum” or “Like cat and dog” are just several examples




A clown and actress moulded  in street theatre with “Kamchàtka” “Wandering Orchestra” and “Fadunito” companies.


Her line of research center on theatrical improvisation, audience interaction and humour.


Her shows are marked by a casual style and freshness of the characters. Lola, her character in “Like cat and dog” proves it..

CAST and crew:


Original idea: Leo Petit and Lluís Ferrer

Cast: Lluís Petit (Nacho) and Judit Ortiz (Lola)

Written by: Lluís Petit, Judit Ortiz and Clara Xuclà

Directed by: Judit Ortiz

Editing: Clara Xuclà

Illustration: Kilomba

Animation: Jesus Pedro Pacheco

Music: Xarim Aresté

Sound effects: Gil Gerard

Lighting Design: Ludovic Kovacs and Daniel Carreras

Costume: Janah Heilmann

Executive producer: conLOla

Construction and props: Alberto Carreno


Reviewed by: Iolanda Llansó

With the support of: Xirriquiteula Teatre



KILOMBA / is the author of ARTWORK


Her artistic style ranges from Street Art to erotica or child illustration.


Her work features spot colours and bold lines, as well as a diversity of materials used to create the work.


Buenos Aires, her hometown, Barcelona, Miami, Berlin, Munich, Chile are some of the places where her work was exhibited.


Contact and new contracts



Lluís Petit: +34 617 632 347

OBSIDIANA, acompanyament d’artistes:

+34 93 389 43 87